IMI Research Forum IV

"Collaboration Beyond Borders"

Our fourth, bi-annual Research Forum was a celebration of the internationality and collaborative nature that all the best research projects share in common. As ever, our BA (Hons) and MBA students presented their research findings to fellow students and faculty as well as participating in the Research Poster competition, representing their work in an attractive visual or graphical format.

Forum Winners...

Best Presentation: Alvin

Best Poster: Hannah Liu

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Featured Presentation

Student: Alvin

Nationality: Indonesia

Research TitleAn investigation on Indonesian millennial generation’s consumer behaviour and the factors affecting their dining-out insights from Jakarta, Indonesia.


With the F&B sector contributing over 7% of Indonesia's total GDP but recent economic challenges forcing more and more restaurants to close, Alvin's research project focuses on the importance of the millennial market, their opinion influencers and their consumer and purchasing behaviour. His aims are to provide an insight to Indonesian restaurant sector as to how they can boost profitability and thus support a growing national economy and create increased job opportunities. 


Featured Poster

Student: Hannah Liu

Nationality: Taiwan

Research TitleAn appraisal of millennial workplace motivational factors in resident only country clubs: Frenchman's Creek, Florida


Using her internship location as the case-study for her work, Hannah's research examines the similarities and differences between the motivational factors impacting upon millennials and those from other generations within the workplace. Her poster clearly and systematically outlines the aims and objectives of her project as well as detailing the source materials used and the overall methodology. 


Forum Presentations

Alexander Michael Koth - Switzerland - What growing influence do baby boomers and senior travellers have on the tourism industry in Germany

Andrea Relota - Australia - How various workplace practices can impact on employees within the hospitality industry with motivation/engagement being the mediator

Cinthya Frederica - Indonesia - The influence of socio-cultural aspect on café sustainability in Surabaya, Indonesia

Cory Phuah - Malaysia - Motivation factors affecting work performance of interns in luxury hotels in Malaysia

Dena Ebrahimi - Iran - Impacts of global warming on the winter tourism of Switzerland

Jihad Ghaffara Diwantara - Indonesia - Factors influencing MICE tourism development in Seribu Island, Indonesia

Maria Masanek - Germany - Factors influencing employees' career success and career satisfaction: the role of leadership styles, organisational career management and personality traits

Xiaorou Deng - China - Effects of customer relationship management on small and medium sized hotels in Luzern, Switzerland

Nirosshini Krishnan Murthy - Malaysia - Motivational factors influencing Malaysian millennials to attend commercial events in Kuala Lumpur

Qin Si - China - The role of social media in affecting consumer behaviour in the hospitality industry in Luzern, Switzerland

Ravikumar Ezhumalai - India - Residents' attitudes towards tourism impacts: a case study of Chennai city, India

Regina Felicia - Indonesia - Indonesian customer acceptance and customer behaviour towards Sharia compliant hotels

Ricardo Rodrigues - Switzerland - The role of engagement in defining Lisbon as a tourism destination

Roland Kumire - Zimbabwe - Destination personality and customer satisfaction in the tourism sector in Zimbabwe: A case study on Victoria Falls

Smriti Basnyat - Nepal - The role of digital marketing in sustainable tourism destination branding: The case of Timor Leste

Sofia Branca - Italy - The role of the residents' perception of a city brand in forging a successful tourism destination brand: The case study of Zurich

Victor Walzebuck - Ireland - Do local perceptions on native food and wine heritage match to current tourism products offered as gastronomy within their region: The case of Extremadura, Spain

Wan-Ju Cheng - Taiwan - The influence of mobile technology and internet network on visitor travel behaviour in Hualien, Taiwan

Zijia Fan - China - Shopping tourism: Psychological factors affecting Chinese tourists in Luzern, Switzerland


Arianna Tomasini - Switzerland

Cindy Destianti - Indonesia


Hannah Liu - Taiwan

Nina Melor Binti Mohd Ibrahim - Malaysia 


Indra Kurniawa - Indonesia

Wei Xiong, Calvin Chee - Singapore

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