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Swiss German University Visit

Visit from SGU Indonesia

It was a pleasure to welcome Indonesian partner Swiss German University to the IMI campus, where we signed an extension to our two schools' partnership agreement....


We were delighted to welcome Chairman Dr. Frans Tshai and Rector Dr. Dipl Ing Samuel P Kusumocahyo of partner school Swiss German University (SGU) at IMI this month.

Our guests were on campus to sign a five-year extension to our two schools' partnership agreement, securing our relationship for the foreseeable future.

This agreement allows for Hotel and Tourism Management students from SGU to complete the final year of their BA (Hons) degree with us here in Switzerland.

As well as benefitting from our school's Swiss hospitality expertise, SGU students transferring to IMI also have the opportunity to complete a Swiss, paid internship placement, adding fantastic industry experience to their CVs.

With over 50 SGU students having already successfully completed their study with us, we are excited at the prospect of welcoming many more of their students in the upcoming years. 


"We are delighted to strengthen and continue our valued partnership with the Swiss German University and look forward to providing many more of their students with the opportunity to build on their skills and knowledge with us here at IMI Switzerland."

Prof. Gavin Caldwell - IMI CEO and Director of Partner Schools

As well as completing the formalities of the agreement signing, Dr. Tshai and Dr. Kusumocahyo also took the time to travel to Zurich during their visit and caught up with their former students Theresia and Dionisius, who are currently completing their internship placements.

Theresia is working as a Front Office Trainee at the Hyatt Regency, while Dionisius is completing his culinary placement at Yume Ramen restaurant and both were very happy to see their former faculty members.


Our guests enjoyed a visit to catch up with SGU-IMI students on internship in Zurich.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our guests to gain first-hand feedback from the students on their Swiss experiences and they were delighted to see how well both were progressing both personally and professionally.

It was a real pleasure hosting both gentleman during their visit to Switzerland and we look forward to many more years of productive collaboration between SGU and IMI.

With more young Indonesian students due to arrive to continue their study with us later this year, we look forward to helping shape their future success in the hospitality industry. 


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