Through our excellent network of contacts in the industry and the reputation of IMI, our Internships Team will help you to find suitable and challenging positions, either in Switzerland or abroad.

An internship is a period of practical training which allows you to put into practice what has been learnt during the academic semester. IMI accepts internships of minimum 22 weeks duration and in some programmes the internship is an integral part of the course. Please refer to the section on Programmes for more information about whether the internship is compulsory or optional.


"I've learned so many new things - I've improved my skills, speed and efficiency and, most importantly, I've learned how to create an amazing experience for our guests overall! "

Louie Cantiberos Guinita from Republic of the Philippines , studying at IMI
Kitchen Trainee at Klosterhotel St. Petersinsel , Switzerland

Internships in Switzerland

In most cases, IMI will send your CV to select employers and as soon as a potential employer confirms interest an interview is organised. Students are given information about the workplace and briefed for the interview. If successful, a contract of employment will be signed between the employer, the student and the school. By Swiss law, trainees in Switzerland must be paid a minimum monthly gross salary of CHF 2,212.

For internships overseas, support is also given throughout the whole process: starting from CV review, links with reputable companies worldwide, interview advice and employment contract review. Our Internships Team also give advice and assist with the paperwork required to facilitate work permit applications. It should be noted that the internship salaries abroad vary according to the local market and we guide our students individually regarding their internship location choice.

During your internship in Switzerland an IMI staff member will visit you to ensure that you are happy with the progress of your training and to guide you with the internship assessment procedures.

For overseas internships IMI will maintain regular contact with you and your employer to ensure that your experience live up to your expectations. Quite often, site visits are also conducted by staff members travelling to the region.


"The knowledge gained and skills acquired during my internship are the things that complemented and enhanced the education I obtained in the classroom."

Sarvesh Mehrotra

from India , graduated in 2017

During my three years at IMI, the school hosted many career days where hotel, airline and tourism companies visited campus. However, for me the most exciting was Whitelodging- they did not only focus on the company’s portfolio but told us how we, as interns, can grow within the company. I interviewed with them for the Housekeeping Supervisor position and they accepted me as a Housekeeping Supervisor at the JW Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis. My internship helped me to grow personally and, most importantly, professionally. The knowledge gained and skills acquired are the things that complemented and enhanced the education I obtained in the classroom. I would not have this job without the mock interviews, CV evaluations, career days and all of the services that were provided to us (as students) at IMI and I am really thankful for it!


Personal placement service

Unlike in most other hotel schools, at IMI, all these services are provided free of charge for the first placement, the second placement and any additional placements the student wishes to embark upon. It is important to note that you do not have to pay school fees during your internship.

On completion of the internship, you will be required to submit an internship report as well as an employer evaluation about your performance. Guidance will be given accordingly during the end of semester briefing sessions held for students heading out on an internship placement.

For more information on internship opportunities please contact the Internships Team on the following email:


Current Internship Placements

See some of our current international and Swiss placements below. All secured through the hard work of our Internships and Careers team!





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