IMI Luzern MBA

1 TO 1.5 YEARS
IMI Luzern MBA in Swiss Hotel Management Operations
Paid Internship CHF 2,190 (optional)

Non Residential Dissertation or Field Consulting Project

IMI Luzern MBA

in Swiss Hotel Management Operations

1 - 1.5 Years

The IMI Luzern MBA is an intensive, two semester MBA programme allowing you to specialise in Swiss Hotel Management Operations. For those with little or no practical experience, there is the possibility of a six-month paid, professional practice (between semesters one and two) arranged for you by our Careers team either in Switzerland or internationally.


  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline
  • English proficiency: 6.0 IELTS or equivalent

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  • Luzern MBA in Swiss Hotel Management Operations, awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management, awarded by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality, UK

Core units: 160 credits
Credits: 20
An introduction to the world of research methods used for managerial decision making and market analysis. Students learn how to use qualitative and quantitative research methods to conduct business-related research, write up reports, design business plans and draft a dissertation.
Credits: 10
Prepare future managers into the realm of cross cultural human resources management. Analyse HR management tasks within the framework of the organizational structure and design illustrating its strategic role in a constantly changing and diverse global environment. Investigate the particularities of Western and Eastern Management styles in the context of hospitality.
Credits: 20
Critically investigates concepts concerning financial management and accounting in a service firm. Emphasis is given to investment appraisal, financial planning, corporate securities, indicators, financing and capital structure management and risk management.
Credits: 10

Explores multicultural and cross border management perspectives and prepares future managers for leadership roles in the international business environment. Analyses competitive forces and dynamics in the context of leading successful corporate ventures.

Credits: 10
Provides an international strategic view on the entrepreneurial challenges and leadership in different cultures. Students review leading ideas and human resource management for successful market ventures. This unit explores startup ideas with exciting exposure to real-life business conditions.
Credits: 10
This unit develops students knowledge and skills in core areas of the international events industry within the wider scope of the hospitality industry. Students learn a combination of core theories with a hands on approach to planning for various types of events.
Credits: 10

Introduces students to the economic foundations of management by analysing key microeconomic and macroeconomic issues, in relation to the international services industry.

Credits: 10
A critical review of marketing essentials combined with the latest developments in ICT. Students learn how to integrate the latest technology tools and utilize e-distribution channels to enhance their marketing strategy in the hospitality industry.
Credits: 60
An independent study and a systematic academic enquiry into international hospitality management. Focusing on transferable skills in research and project management, the dissertation unit aims to give students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of hospitality by conducting evaluation of their topic of research. This can be done either through an empirical-based enquiry, a library-based, secondary study or a consultancy-based field assignment.
Pathway units: 40 credits
Credits: 10
An analysis of strategies for revenue maximization in hospitality organization. The thematic content includes revenue management, reservation systems, forecasting demand, inventory control, cost analysis, pricing strategy, channel management, revenue management tactics, and relevant applications on specialised food and beverage revenue management.
Credits: 10
An investigation of managerial aspects of operations in the international hotel industry. Students are involved in a cross departmental day-to-day operations analysis. Topics include corporate but also SME structure approach, departmental responsibilities, hotel related services decision making processes, and industry international trends.
Credits: 10
Provision of in depth analysis of service delivery systems for the hospitality industry with a particular emphasis on implementation of service quality programs. Principles of Total Quality Management, outcome assessment and leadership are integrated throughout the course.
Credits: 10
Investigates challenges faced by management companies as well as international hotel chains engaging in real estate ventures. An integrated approach with elements of strategy using real estate management as a differentiation tool.

"Studying in IMI really enriched both my soft and hard skills and opened up the opportunity to see the world."

Sebastian Prabowo

from Indonesia , graduated in 2015

I had so much fun while in IMI, since the friends I met there comes from all over the world. Living in Luzern is what represents living in the heart of Switzerland: to see the city, the mountains and the lakes.  IMI`s Careers Service helped me get the opportunity to work in the United States. They were always there when we needed help, with smiles and patience. Overall, studying in IMI really enriched and strengthend both my soft and hard skills and opened up the opportunity to see the world.

The knowledge I have learned in IMI absolutely made me ready to enter the real hospitality industry. Additionally, living in a country with four official languages like Switzerland was a plus for me, so I could improve the German and French that I learned before I came to Europe.


"The hospitality industry is very fluid and is constantly evolving. IMI helped me to look at things with a different perspective..."

Mohit Gupta

from India , graduated in 2007

The hospitality industry is very fluid and is constantly evolving. IMI helped me to look at things with a different perspective, which has been instrumental in developing my career in the industry. I would certainly recommend IMI to any aspiring hospitality professional who would like to have an international ’flavour’ to his/her education. It is a good learning and launching platform for developing a skill set that is a pre-requisite in today‘s hospitality industry. At IMI, you can enjoy your studies and life as a student, while preparing to take the industry head-on upon graduation. My advice to current students would be: keep yourself updated with the latest trends, design and technology in order to be among the industry‘s innovators.


Fond farewells

As another term reaches its end, we have the bitter-sweet pleasure of seeing another batch of graduates leave IMI and enter the world of industry...


Running in the rain

The wet conditions could not dampen our spirits as, once again, our students participated in the Swiss City Marathon event...


ZAGG Visit

We took our students to one of Switzerland's largest trade shows for the hospitality, culinary and hotel industries held right here in Luzern...


International Night

Our students once again pulled out all the stops in showcasing the very best of IMI's multi-cultural environment through food, drink and performance...


Europa Park Life

Our regular semester trip to Germany's largest theme park was another great success with students enjoying all the thrills of the rides and roller-coasters...

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