MSc International Hospitality and Events Management (from August 2019)

Semester 1 - MSc in Hospitality and Events Management
Professional practice CHF 2,212 (optional)

Students can undertake up to 44 weeks of work placements in Switzerland on completion of this programme.

Semester 1 - MSc

in Hospitality and Events Management

1 - 1.5 Years

This MSc programme, offered by IMI, is suitable for those with a Bachelor’s degree qualification but limited work experience. Focusing on key strategic management skills in the hospitality and events industries, the programme offers a broad insight into operational management, planning and strategy within the international arena. There is the opportunity to undertake paid work placements, either in Switzerland or internationally, on completion of the study semesters, offering the chance for CV-enhancing, practical experience in the industry. This programme offers the perfect blend of theoretical competencies and practical insight for those looking to develop as managers in either of these international fields.


  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline
  • English proficiency: 6.0 IELTS or equivalent

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  • Msc in International Hospitality and Events Management, awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality and Events Management, awarded by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality, UK (pending validation)

Core units: 120 credits
Credits: 20
An investigation and analysis of contemporary strategic management through an examination of external and internal influences on the organisation of companies in the hospitality industry. Students analyse competitive forces and dynamics in successful corporate ventures through business and corporate level strategies.
Credits: 20

This unit engages students in international hospitality operations management based on industry case studies with a specific focus on the management of food and beverage, rooms divisions and ICT departments as well as an overview of key aspects of HR departments.

Credits: 20

This unit offers an overview of the creation of a new brand or business from the initial idea, through to the planning, introduction to market and actualisation. Case studies examine innovative entrepreneurs who have successfully grown global corporations and businesses.

Credits: 20

This unit focuses on the structure and organisation of the events industry and the operational knowledge required for the management of events through their various stages.

Credits: 20

This unit examines the organisation, management and running of international conference events with a focus on the latest trends seen in the industry.

Credits: 20

A critical assessement of the important role of financial and revenue management for international events firms. Key financial management concepts are examined with emphasis placed on pricing, investments, financial planning, performance and reporting, indicators, capital structure management and revenue management.


"Studying in IMI really enriched both my soft and hard skills and opened up the opportunity to see the world."

Sebastian Prabowo

from Indonesia , graduated in 2015

I had so much fun while in IMI, since the friends I met there comes from all over the world. Living in Luzern is what represents living in the heart of Switzerland: to see the city, the mountains and the lakes.  IMI`s Careers Service helped me get the opportunity to work in the United States. They were always there when we needed help, with smiles and patience. Overall, studying in IMI really enriched and strengthend both my soft and hard skills and opened up the opportunity to see the world.

The knowledge I have learned in IMI absolutely made me ready to enter the real hospitality industry. Additionally, living in a country with four official languages like Switzerland was a plus for me, so I could improve the German and French that I learned before I came to Europe.


"The hospitality industry is very fluid and is constantly evolving. IMI helped me to look at things with a different perspective..."

Mohit Gupta

from India , graduated in 2007

The hospitality industry is very fluid and is constantly evolving. IMI helped me to look at things with a different perspective, which has been instrumental in developing my career in the industry. I would certainly recommend IMI to any aspiring hospitality professional who would like to have an international ’flavour’ to his/her education. It is a good learning and launching platform for developing a skill set that is a pre-requisite in today‘s hospitality industry. At IMI, you can enjoy your studies and life as a student, while preparing to take the industry head-on upon graduation. My advice to current students would be: keep yourself updated with the latest trends, design and technology in order to be among the industry‘s innovators.


Hi-Tech Trip

We took a group of students to Luzern's Verkehrshaus Museum to discover the latest in virtual and augmented reality technology...


Research Forum VI

Our sixth Research Forum welcomed more student presenters than ever before as well as our first ever external keynote speaker...


Christmas Dinner

Roles were reserved as the IMI faculty took the reigns for at special Christmas dinner service...


Deutsche Day-Trip

To improve our students language skills, we took them on a city day-trip conducted entirely in German...


Winter Sports

The colder weather did not prevent a high turnout for our December Sports Day as students competed across a range of games and activities...

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