MBA International Hospitality Management

1 TO 1.5 YEARS
MBA in International Hospitality Management
Professional practice CHF 2,190 (optional)

Non Residential Dissertation or Field Consulting Project


in International Hospitality Management

1 - 1.5 Years

This prestigious MBA, validated by Manchester Met., combines all the traditional elements of an MBA programme but with a strong focus on hospitality. The programme's objective is to equip students with the skills necessary for senior level management in the hospitality industry by focusing on those subjects that relate to the internationalisation of hotel and hospitality companies. The core focus is on strategic management with subjects covering strategy, finance, marketing, leadership and innovation. Students should have a good Bachelors degree and normally about 3 years work experience.


  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline
  • Appropriate level of professional experience in any area (not limited to hospitality)
  • English proficiency: 6.5 IELTS or equivalent

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  • MBA in International Hospitality Management, awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • MBA in International Hospitality Management, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Core units: 180 credits
Credits: 20
An investigation and analysis of contemporary strategic management through an examination of external and internal influences on the organisation of companies in the hospitality industry. Students analyse competitive forces and dynamics in successful corporate ventures through business and corporate level strategies.
Credits: 20

An introduction to a wide variety of research methods used for managerial decision making and market analysis as well as dissertation writing. From research philosophies to methodological approaches, literature review and secondary data analysis to quantitative and qualitative primary data collection and analysis.

Credits: 10
Explore international hotel companies through relevant case studies into elements such as external and internal influences, organisational behavior, human resources management, corporate culture, managing hotel operations, hotel design, distribution channels, management contracts, franchising and green practices.
Credits: 20

A critical assessement of the important role of financial and revenue management for international hotel firms' decision making. Key financial management concepts are examined with emphasis placed on pricing, investments, financial planning, performance and reporting, indicators, capital structure management and revenue management.

Credits: 20

A team-work based learning experience which provides an international, strategic view on the entrepreneurial challenge in different cultures. Students look at current ideas and the alignment of business resources to ensure successful market ventures. Developing a hospitality venture is the core activity done through business planning activities, business plan development and a study of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Credits: 10

Students review the latest sustainability theories, trends and practices through relevant case studies on sustainable tourism destinations, development and branding. Through contemporary theories and tourism impact appraisal studies, students use a Community-Based Tourism (CBT) approach to the evaluation of international destination cases and propose sustainable destination brands.

Credits: 20

A combination of marketing strategy and a study of the impacts of IT and e-distribution on the hospitality industry. Students review the integration of marketing and service operations through an applied relationship marketing management overview. This unit covers the influences of relationship marketing through intermediaries/supply networks, e-branding and social media marketing.

Credits: 60

The unit refers to a self managed process of systematic academic enquiry in international hospitality management. Transferable skills in research and project management will be developed with research conducted arround the world. Normally students can egange in empirical or consultancy-based research in the wider spectrum of hospitality.


"Studying and living in such a diverse community made me a better manager of my international team..."

Amit Shama-Levaillant

from Israel/Switzerland , graduated in 2005

I am very thankful for the time I spent at IMI. It was an inspiration for my entrepreneurship. There is not a single day that I do not quote Professor Gavin Caldwell... Furthermore, studying and living in such a diverse community made me a better manager of my international team. Learning marketing for specific international markets has helped me to form a Kai Sushi meal experience for the local Swiss market.


International Night

Our students once again pulled out all the stops in showcasing the very best of IMI's multi-cultural environment through food, drink and performance...


Europa Park Life

Our regular semester trip to Germany's largest theme park was another great success with students enjoying all the thrills of the rides and roller-coasters...


25 Hour Learning

As part of their 'International Hotel Management' unit, we took a group of our MBA students to the 25HoursHotel in Zurich for a special 'People Management' workshop...


Model Pupils

We held a special photo shoot to update our on-campus uniform pictures, there to ensure the highest hospitality grooming standards are met every day...


Class of 2018

Once again we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day as we celebrated the achievements of our 2018 graduates...

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