Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Culinary Arts

Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts
Paid Internship CHF 2,216

Paid Internship CHF 2,216 (optional)

Higher Diploma

in International Culinary Arts

22 Weeks

This is an advanced professional cookery programme designed to provide a strong theoretical and practical knowledge and the skills needed to work in a professional culinary environment.

Following IMI's 70% theory to 30% practical approach, students will learn transferable management skills to prepare them to manage a professional kitchen and in readiness for paid, practical training which will be organised by our Careers and Internships team. The course is made up of a series of practical and theory based units with a variety of assessment types including examinations, coursework, essays, reports, group and individual projects and presentations.


  • ICI Diploma or equivalent
  • English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

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  • Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • Diploma of Higher Education in International Hotel and Tourism Management, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Core units: 120 credits
Credits: 10

This unit develops student reflective practice on personal development academically and professionally. Students will recognise academic and personal progression in support of their future career goals. Contact Hours: 24

Credits: 20

This unit will give the students the necessary knowledge of contemporary international cuisines which influence today’s food trends. The unit will also explore kitchen-based theoretical information on the origin of such cuisines that relate to the practical element of the unit.

Credits: 20

European Cuisine will give the students the necessary knowledge of authentic European cuisines and historical values of this cuisine in today’s gastronomic environment, theoretical information to the origin of such cuisine will prove invaluable to accompanying the practical elementof the unit.

Credits: 10

This classroom-based unit will focus on the theoretical approaches to menu design drawing upon a range of examples from across the world. Students will develop an understanding of important considerations related to menu design from both an operational and customer viewpoint. The theory of new product developments will be explored, and students will utilise this knowledge in developing a ‘unique’ food product.

Credits: 20

This unit uses the academic and work experience of the students to develop their critical understanding of marketing, with specific focus on hospitality, tourism, events and the culinary industries.

Credits: 20

Managing Commercial Kitchens will explore the intrinsic values of kitchen design and construction in food operations and review management techniques associated with different culinary systems.

Credits: 20

This unit aims to introduce students to theories of organizational behaviour and human resource management as effective approaches for managing people in modern day workplaces. The unit comprises three main topic areas. An introduction of the organizational context in which human resources management has evolved covering the history, and concepts of organizational theory and behaviour. The basis of traditional human resources management functions and the internationalization of human resources management. Throughout the unit will focus on the application of human resources management within contemporary workplace environments.


"I believe that ICI gives its students multiple skills so that they are prepared to branch out into different fields and are not limited in their abilities. "

Gloria Agustoni

from South Africa , graduated in 2016

I chose IMI because it is one of the fews schools offering a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts, where thorough management theory is combined with practical kitchen skills. In the competitive world of hospitality and cheffing, it is important to understand these two aspects in order to excel in the industry. I believe that IMI gives its students multiple skills so that they are prepared to branch out into different fields and are not limited in their abilities.


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