Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree

2.5 TO 3 YEARS
Paid Internship CHF 2,179

Paid Internship CHF 2,179

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Tourism and Events Management

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

in International Tourism and Events Management

22 Weeks

This programme prepares students for the demands of senior management and allows a measure of specialisation in International Tourism and Events Management. The curriculum focuses on elements of particular interest to those wishing to manage within the tourism or events industries and the Dissertation allows self study and for students to further specialise. This is for students who intend to make their management careers in the industry, particularly in reference to tourism development or events logistics.


  • IMI Higher Diploma or equivalent
  • Six months work/internship experience
  • English proficiency: 5.5 IELTS or equivalent

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  • BA with Honours in International Tourism and Events Management, awarded by IMI, Switzerland
  • BA with Honours in International Tourism and Events Management, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Core units: 80 credits
Credits: 10

This unit allows students to reflect on their academic and personal progression and guides them through a professional approach to employment applications, curriculum vitae development and interview skills.

Credits: 10
This unit explores research frameworks and philosophies, methodologies and data analysis techniques to support the various stages of the dissertation writing process.
Credits: 20
This unit exposes students to International Marketing concepts and aims to develop critical understanding of marketing principles and practices in international hospitality and services contexts.
Credits: 40
The dissertation is a sustained, in-depth and independent piece of research into a self-selected topic which reflects the students pathway specialisation. Students are given a supervisor to support the writing of the dissertation and meet regularly with them to receive guidance on the process and feedback on formative submissions.
Pathway units: 40 credits
Credits: 20
Focus on the structure and organisation of the events industry and the operational knowledge required for the management of events through their various stages.
Credits: 20
Analyse tourism planning and development at international level focusing on sustainability. Students enchance the learning with producing in groups a sustainable tourism development project for a given destination.

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