Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF) - Under Federal Recognition

Year 1 in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 1)
Paid F&B or Housekeeping Internship (Semester 2) CHF 2,212

Paid Culinary Internship (Semester 4) CHF 2,212

Paid Supervisory Internship (Semester 6) CHF 2,212

Year 1

in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 1)

44 Weeks

Taught in English and embedding personal and professional development to further enhance students’ intercultural leadership, this programme provides students with experience in all hotel departments. In doing so, they develop into experienced hospitality professionals with a holistic overview of the industry. There is a practical approach whereby students undertake practical training throughout their learning. 

Year 1 introduces the basics of hospitality and service management alongside essential university-level study skills. The first year consists of 22 weeks study on campus, followed by a 22-week internship placement specialising in F&B or Housekeeping.

Successful completion of the three year programme entitles students to the Diplom Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF/Diplom Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF.


You can see the full programme Application Requirements here.

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Progression to Year 2 of the Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management / Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF

Core units: 505 contact hours
Contact Hours: 36

Introduction to the principles behind rooms division and housekeeping management within hotel properties. Contact Hours: 36 

Credits: 10
Contact Hours: 25

This unit teaches the core academic disciplines for successful university study and provides guidance and materials on researching, referencing, time management and organisation to help students make the most of their time on their chosen programme. Contact Hours: 25 

Credits: 10
Contact Hours: 48

This practical unit focuses on the development of students restaurant service skills and knowledge of beverages served within fine-dining restaurant environments. Contact Hours: 48 

Credits: 20
Contact Hours: 48

Introduction to the principles behind food storage and preparation in a professional kitchen. Contact Hours: 48

Credits: 20
Contact Hours: 48

An overview of the financial and accountancy considerations required when managing or starting a hospitality business. Contact Hours: 48 

Credits: 20
Contact Hours: 48

A complete overview of the management considerations required when running an F&B business. Contact Hours: 48 

Credits: 20
Contact Hours: 96

The English language skills required to operate professionally within a hospitality business. Contact Hours: 96 

Credits: 20
Contact Hours: 96

An introduction to the German language skills equivalent to the A1 international standard. Contact Hours: 96

Credits: 0
Contact Hours: 8

A Swiss federal certification ensuring students are familiar with the latest health and safety and accident prevention and management procedures in the workplace environment. Contact Hours: 8

Credits: 0
Contact Hours: N/A

During their first and second year internships students will cover many aspects of hospitality including kitchen, service, catering, events, housekeeping, front office, night audit, concierge and porter training.  

Credits: 0

"At the end of the day, if I have problems I can always go to any of my professors and ask for help. This is a major advantage of a smaller school."

Popthon Kirawit

from Thailand , studying at IMI

What I really like about the Swiss degree programme is an opportunity to experience everything. In this program I received training in IMI's restaurant, in housekeeping, sustainable tourism and also learned how to do accounting. These are all the skills I will need if I want to own a restaurant or a hotel in the future. And this is just what I am learning in my first year! At the end of the day, if I have problems I can always go to any of my professors and ask for help. This is a major advantage of a smaller school!


Weekend Rides

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Staff go under the table

There was great interest on campus in the regular Staff Pool competition! Could Mr. Currie defend his title or would there be a new claimant to the crown...


International Night

Great food, fantastic performances, a visit from our very first batch of students, and a marriage proposal! Our October International Night will certainly live long in the memory...


Graduation 2019

It was another fantastic occasion as we welcomed our 2019 graduates back to Luzern to celebrate their achievements...


Forward-thinking food!

It was great to welcome Swiss company Planted. to the IMI kitchens to give our students a demonstration of their meat substitute products...

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