Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management

Paid F&B or Housekeeping Internship (Semester 2) CHF 2,179

Year 2 in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 3)
Paid Culinary Internship (Semester 4) CHF 2,179

Paid Supervisory Internship (Semester 6) CHF 2,179

Year 2

in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 3)

44 Weeks

Developing management and strategy techniques with an overview of accountancy and marketing planning. Year 2 of the Swiss Degree Programme consists of 22 weeks study on campus followed by a 22-week internship specialising in Culinary Arts.


  • Completion of Year 1 of the Swiss Degree Programme.

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Progression to Year 3 of the Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management / Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF

Core units: 120 credits
Credits: 10

An introduction to basic marketing concepts with particular emphasis on the hospitality industry. A strong focus is given to consumer behaviour theory and consumer purchasing stages. Students' learning experience is complemented by case studies on social media and how this influences modern day consumer behaviour.

Credits: 15

Students are actively involved in competence based practical skills in a working restaurant environment. Students experience different service styles applicable to today's food and beverage industry.

Credits: 15

This unit explores and develops students' understanding of practical skills, technical skills, equipment and procedures in today's modern kitchen environment.

Credits: 20

An introduction to the core principals and concepts of managerial accounting and basic financial management in the hospitality industry.

Credits: 10
The unit introduces the students to key tourism concepts, principles and impacts. The unit will also provide them with an introduction and a business approach to Tourism.
Credits: 20
A classroom based unit that introduces contemporary restaurant management and service concepts. It also covers; menu analysis; beverage sales and control; EPOS systems; and principles of restaurant design
Credits: 10

An overview of the strategies and structures required for successful PDP.

Credits: 20

How to successfully manage a front of house operation, focusing on both team management and key customer service criteria.

Credits: 0

A 22-week professional placement with a focus on culinary training. 

Credits: 0

More advanced German language skills training equivalent to the international A2 standard.

Credits: 0

An introduction tp French language skills training equivalent to the international A1 standard.


"I believe that ICI gives its students multiple skills so that they are prepared to branch out into different fields and are not limited in their abilities. "

Gloria Agustoni

from South Africa , graduated in 2016

I chose IMI because it is one of the fews schools offering a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts, where thorough management theory is combined with practical kitchen skills. In the competitive world of hospitality and cheffing, it is important to understand these two aspects in order to excel in the industry. I believe that IMI gives its students multiple skills so that they are prepared to branch out into different fields and are not limited in their abilities.


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