Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF)

Paid F&B or Housekeeping Internship (Semester 2) CHF 2,190

Paid Culinary Internship (Semester 4) CHF 2,190

Year 3 in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 5)
Paid Supervisory Internship (Semester 6) CHF 2,190

Year 3

in Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Semester 5)

44 Weeks

Exploring advanced decision-making techniques and higher-level management strategy. The final year of the Swiss Degree programme consists of 22 weeks study on campus, followed by a 22-week internship placement specialising in a supervisory position in either Front Office or Housekeeping.


  • Completion of Year 2 of the Swiss Degree Programme.

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Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management / Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF awarded by IMI, Switzerland

Core units: 140 credits
Credits: 20

Students develop a critical understanding of marketing, with specific focus on the service industries. Key marketing concepts such as marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place), internal marketing, CRM and marketing research are explored and engaged with.

Credits: 10

Students are provided with knowledge on the key management disciplines required to procure, control and sell food and beverage menu items effectively within food service outlets.

Credits: 10

Analyse the impacts of tourism development in relation to a variety of destination contexts including economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism development.

Credits: 20

This unit allows students to expand their knowledge of marketing, finance and human resources within a hospitality context. Students engage with a hospitality business scenario within Switzerland and develop and present a commercial proposal for the scenario to industry representatives.

Credits: 10
Students will gain expertise in analysing hospitality financial results and the consequences on these results on pricing and revenue management decisions; budgeting and captial investment decisions.
Credits: 20

This unit engages students in international hospitality operations management based on industry case studies with a specific focus on the management of food and beverage, rooms divisions and ICT departments.

Credits: 20

This unit examines the importance of Human Resource Management within the Hospitality Industry and assesses organisational theory, behaviour, motivation, training and performance management and their relationship to successful hospitality organisations.

Credits: 20
This unit provides an investigation into hotel facilities; their design, construction and maintenance and the relationship of these facilities with the operation and management of a hotel.
Credits: 10

Developing students understanding of mid to long-term career planning, personal training development and key presentation skills.

Credits: 0

A 22-week professional placement focusing on either front office or housekeeping management or a combination of the two.

Credits: 0

Higher level German language skills training to the equivalent of the B1 international standard.

Credits: 0

Advanced level French language skills training to the equivalent of the A2 international standard.


"It is great that IMI is not too big, the classes had the perfect size, so that the teachers were actually able to pay attention to everyone in class. "

Nina Fleischle

from Germany , graduated in 2011

It was a very work-intensive time but I learned a lot about myself and I gained a good theoretical basis, which I then could deepen and expand through several internship experiences. My first position was as a Finance Futura Management Trainee with Starwood (at the Le Méridien Parkhotel in Frankfurt, Germany) which is a great programme to pave your way for a career in Finance. After that I worked as the Assistant Director of Finance for the Sheraton Complex in Zürich.

I have decided to leave hospitality for the time being and to further pursue my career in the field of Controlling rather than Accounting. I am working for a retail company at the moment (HUGO BOSS) which is a great challenge and where I am learning so many new things every day.


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