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IMI Switzerland - Culinary Crossroads

Exploring Culinary Crossroads

We sat down with IMI senior lecturers Jonas Grip and Anthimos Georgiou to hear about their culinary journeys and pathways to education. Enjoy the exclusive video below...


We embarked on a culinary journey this month as we sat down with faculty members Jonas Grip and Anthimos Georgiou, who both bring vast experience and numerous cultural influences to the IMI kitchens and training restaurant.

Responsible for the training and education of our international culinary arts students, we thought it would be interesting to explore their own culinary stories to see how their experiences have shaped their philosophies and training methods.

What was clear from the conversation, was the shared passion and commitment both men have for their subject matter and how both their lives have been shaped in many ways by their culinary pasts. 

"There is no other career that would allow me to travel around the world the way I did."

Chef Jonas Grip - IMI Senior Culinary Arts Lecturer 


From humble beginnings to culinary mastery, Anthimos and Jonas reflect on the inspirations that led them to pursue careers in gastronomy and also discuss the transformative impact of technology on modern culinary practices, highlighting the ways in which innovation has propelled the industry forward.

Recorded in conjunction with our UK-accrediting partner Manchester Metropolitan University, we hope that the video gives you a rich taste of the strong culinary heritage of both faculty members...



"Gastronomy has been with me from the small village I grew up in to a big city like New York."

Mr. Anthimos Georgiou - Culinary Arts Programme Leader 

Perhaps the experiences, insights and reflections shared here have ignited your passion for gastronomy and left you inspired to embark on your own culinary adventure?

If so, furthering your hospitality education at IMI Switzerland could be a fantastic choice...


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