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IMI Switzerland in Malaysia

IMI in Malaysia

IMI's academic team had a fantastic time during their recent visits to Malaysia, meeting with our valued partners in the country...



It is always a great experience for the IMI faculty when they have the chance to visit our various partners around the world.

Not only does this give them the opportunity to meet prospective students, it also allows them to participate in academic collaboration with our partner schools.

Recently, both Postgraduate Programme Leader Mr. Ioannis Evagelou and Culinary Lecturer Mr. Jonas Grip visited Malaysia where IMI has strong connections with various academic institutes.

Chef Jonas had a busy week in the country, spending time at UOW Malaysia KDU, Cilantro Culinary Academy, TAR UMT and Golden Chefs Academy, holding special culinary masterclasses for their students.

A regular visitor to our partners, Chef Jonas always loves spending time with their students and gaining fresh culinary inspiration from them.

”Teaching classes from our Swiss curriculum to students at our Malaysian partner schools and at the same time being able to take part in their local culinary traditions are some of the most rewarding moments of being a culinary lecturer at an international educational institution,” he said.

Mr. Evagelou also spent time at UOW Malaysia KDU on both their Glenmarie (Kuala Lumpur) and Penang campuses.

His visit was part of a special teaching unit entitled 'Current Trends in Tourism and Hospitality' that is delivered both in Malaysia and here in Switzerland.

This gives a cohort of UOWMKDU students the opportunity to come and visit us at IMI later this year to complete the unit modules as well as enjoying a fun-filled week discovering the many visitor attractions that Switzerland has to offer.

Mr. Evagelou had a fantastic time working with the young Malaysian students and both lecturers were highly appreciative of the warm and friendly hospitality they received from all of their hosts during the trips.

We look forward to catching up with our partners from the country both in future visits to Malaysia and when we have the chance to host them here in Switzerland.


UOW Malaysia KDU students on a previous visit to IMI Switzerland.

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