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IMI Switzerland International Night

International Night at IMI

Welcome to International Night, where our campus comes alive with the sights, sounds and flavours from around the world...


It was a great feeling to once again celebrate the rich diversity on our campus at the most recent International Night

Held once a semester, the International Nights are a chance for students (and staff) to showcase their national cultures through food, drink and performances.

With friends and family members welcomed onto campus for the event, we are always filled with pride at the incredible hospitality put on by our student body.

As much as it is a chance to relax, socialise and have fun, the International Nights also remind us what makes our school community so special - the caring, supportive and multi-cultural mix of people.

These events are always unique as they reflect the distinct and diverse backgrounds of the student mix on campus each semester. As new students arrive each term, they bring their own unique contributions, offering fresh experiences and perspectives.


Video highlights of the International Night.

This semester's event brought together a delicious mix of food stalls, with culinary delights on offer from India, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Our guests were greeted with an inviting mix of aromas, flavours and tastes as they tried their best to sample the fantastic fare on offer from each stand. (Not an easy feat to accomplish given the amount of delicious cuisines prepared!)

Once all appetites had been sated, it was then time to head to our Main Dining Hall (transformed into a concert stage) where our students had prepared a range of performances. 


"International Night is for every student to showcase their culture with pride and celebrate the diversity we have here on campus."

Judhajit Ghosh - BA (Hons) student and President of the Social Representative Committee

An entertaining and interactive show was put on by our volunteers, with the MCs frequently engaging with the audience to give an immersive experience for all involved.

Up on stage, we were once again wowed by the talent of our students with fantastic singing performances, mesmerising dances and the always-popular international fashion show to round off the event.

A big thank you to the Social Representative Committee (SRC) and all our students and staff who worked so hard to make the evening such a success.

It is always inspiring to see our campus community coming together to put on these events.

This mutually inclusive, supportive and encouraging environment is at the heart of what we celebrate at the International Nights and forms the foundation of our global campus community. 


Join our multi-cultural campus and kick-start your hospitality, business or culinary arts study in Switzerland...


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