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Learning with Lego at IMI Switzerland

Learning with Lego

There was some serious fun to be had for our hospitality management students as they engaged in some LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®...


No two IMI classes are alike and we are always looking for innovative ways to educate our young management students.

Driven by our skilled academic team, who bring their vast experience of both the industry and academia to the classroom, we believe in a holistic view of education, incorporating diverse learning techniques and activities.

Underpinning all of this is the idea that learning should be fun and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills an enjoyable process.

This was in clear evidence in one of our recent Leadership and Innovation classes where our students engaged in some LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.


Serious fun and serious learning in the IMI classroom.


"Lego Serious Play helps build teams, explores innovative and creative concepts and, most importantly, boosts efficiency in organisational thinking."

Mr. Anthimos Georgiou - IMI Senior Lecturer and Module Leader 


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a tried-and-tested industry learning method that encourages open communication, problem solving and innovative thinking.

The concept promotes deep listening among participants as they view 3D models and use the lego pieces to build metaphors and stories that generate interest and encourage better retention of the content presented.

By developing, assembling and then presenting their ideas in this material form, students are encouraged to filter out external noise and focus clearly on the construction of their concept through the building blocks in front of them.



The Lego characters assisting with lesson preparation.


The Danish company's SERIOUS PLAY® brand began as an experiential process designed for use in guided workshops to prompt dialogue and encourage reflection, as well as developing problem-solving skills and use of the imagination.

Each of the sets is designed to enhance different skills, such as reflection and dialogue, and has become a valuable asset for businesses and educational institutes in helping participants to open up through the approachable medium of play.

Our students certainly embraced this different approach to learning and had a great time working together in small teams to construct their story concepts using the lego bricks.

It was great to see the different team and leadership dynamics at play within the classroom and the participants exited the session inspired and exhilarated.

Proof once again that learning can, and should, be both a fun and enriching experience for students of all ages! 


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