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Manchester Met. Visit

Manchester Met. Visit

It was fantastic to host a group of students and faculty from our UK-validating partner Manchester Metropolitan University as part of their Go Global Week...


As a school preparing the future generation of hospitality leaders, we always love the opportunity to put this training into practice when hosting visitors to IMI.

We were delighted to welcome a delegation of students and lecturers from Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met.) on campus for an academic visit as part of their Go Global Week.

This was a fantastic experience for our students to collaborate with their UK contemporaries as they worked together on a joint project looking at both the current state of hospitality as well as their future roles in this international industry. 


Highlights of the Go Global Week visit.

The visit was part of the larger Go Global initiative which consisted of over 45 events with the purpose of connecting the Manchester students with the university's global network of alumni and partners.

As well as the IMI visit, students from Manchester Met's Business Faculty also made trips to America and the Netherlands as well as local UK visits to national trust sites and the international video game museum.

The organisers also arranged alumni panels where former Manchester Met. students - now working around the world - returned to the campus or connected digitally to discuss their global career journeys.

"Having the Manchester Met. students on campus was exciting. We share a lot in common but also different educational experiences meaning we learnt a lot from each other."

Ivan Nilton Gomes Freire - IMI student ambassador for the Go Global Week visit 


Whilst with us in Switzerland, the Manchester students made the most of their time here, visiting the cities of Luzern and Zurich and enjoying a specially arranged wine tasting session at Weingut Klosterhof where they could enjoy some locally produced Swiss varieties.

There was even time for a run in with FC Luzern's team bus - perhaps appropriate given the strong football links in Manchester (be they red or sky blue...).

Throughout the week, our IMI student ambassadors were excellent hosts to their guests, making time to ensure they were comfortable on campus and showing them the best of the local region.

manchester_met_visit_05 The Manchester Met. students by the Luzern football team's bus.

It has been fantastic to be able to welcome our Manchester Met. partners on a more regular basis here at IMI and we love the opportunity for both academic and cultural exchange and collaboration that the visits afford.

If so, furthering your hospitality education at IMI Switzerland could be a fantastic choice...


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