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IMI Switzerland - Sports Day

Sporty Students

Our students had some fun outside of the classroom at our regular term's Sports Day...



There is never a dull weekend when you are studying at IMI, with our Student Representative Committee (SRC) ensuring a packed events schedule each semester.

The SRC is a body of student volunteers who work together to organise excursions, events and activities for the student body during the study term.

One of the most popular events is the regular Sports Day which allows students to indulge their competitive energies in a variety of different sports and games.



Students enjoy a variety of sports including football.


The events included football, basketball, badminton and volleyball, with students competing keenly either as individuals or in teams.

Participants were cheered on by their fellow students who had made the short walk from the IMI campus to the nearby sports hall and playing fields to enjoy some Saturday sporting entertainment.

And, whether they were victorious in their events or not, all the students played with big smiles on their faces, maintaining a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere throughout.



Photo shoots for the winners.


As well as encouraging valuable skills of team work and communication, the Sports Day event is also a great chance for students to mix in different groups and make new friends.

Explaining the importance of such events to students, Head of the SRC Aditi said: "This was a very energetic Saturday morning for the organisers - setting up a refreshment stand, preparing the sports equipment and brining a whole load of enthusiasm.

"It was great to see the students participate: a few came to play, a few came to cheer, but all of them had a fantastic time."



It's all about having fun and making new friends.

It was great to see so many students playing either an active or supportive role in the Sports Day and returning to campus with tired but happy faces.

A big thanks to the members of the SRC who worked hard to make this event such a great success!


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