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The Hospitality Hub Podcast - Interview with Rami Zeidan

To the Life House - An interview with Rami Zeidan

It was great to chat with the co-founder and former CEO of Life House Rami Zeidan about how the hospitality tech firm brought fresh opportunities to independent properties...


To stay on top of the latest industry developments, we find it pays to speak to the people helping to shape them

It was our pleasure to sit down with hospitality tech entrepreneur - and co-founder of Life House - Rami Zeidan in the latest edition of our Hospitality Hub podcast.

Rami's is a compelling personal and professional story and, in the episode, he talks us through his journey to-date and how it led him to the Life House adventure.

One of the most successful hospitality tech launches of the last decade, Life House attracted impressive institutional venture and private equity investment in its mission to revolutionise software operations for boutique and independent hotels.

Of course, as with any new product in a somewhat traditonal market place, there were various hurdles to overcome and it was fascinating to get Rami's insights on their approach to growth and development.  

An inspiring example for our young entrepreneurial students and a fascinating case study of new tech innovation and its potential impact within the hospitality sector. Enjoy the interview...


An exclusive interview with Rami Zeidan in our latest Hospitality Hub podcast.

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