Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management - Dipl. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF

Swiss federally recognised

The Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (Dip. Hôtelier/ère-Restaurateur/rice HF) is aimed to generate well-qualified and experienced graduates ready to enter the fast-growing, international hospitality industry.

Designed around the key subject areas of food and beverage, housekeeping, culinary, front office, and supervision, the programme is taught in English and progressively builds students' theoretical skills which are then complemented by practical training placements at each level. 

The programme content emphasises sustainable practices and professional and responsible behaviour to ensure graduates of the programme understand and apply these as part of their future professional careers.

We are committed to developing graduates who make a difference through:

  • maximizing employment opportunities for our graduates and developing a global career network,
  • engendering self-confidence, entrepreneurship and flexibility in a fast-changing world,
  • providing individual support to help each student realise their full potential,
  • acting as role models in demonstrating cultural empathy, understanding, honesty and integrity

Start Dates: February and August


Contact and Training Hours

This programme includes a minimum of 3600 hours of training for holders of a recognised federal certificate* and at least 5400 hours of training for holders of other certificates or secondary level II diplomas. The school takes into account previous professional training (see IMI’s Recognition of Prior Learning policy).

Supported internships within approved companies are an integral part of the programme. The internships comprise at least 30% and at most 45% of the total hours of training.

*recognised federal certificates are: Culinary/Cook CFC, Restoration Specialist CFC, Hotel Specialist CFC, Commercial Employee HGT (Hotel-Gastro-Tourism) CFC, Sommelier CFC, Catering and Hospitality Assistant CFC, Hotel Assistant CFC.


Progression Requirements

Each semester, students are required to complete a number of assignments, assessments and examinations. In order to progress to the following semester, students are required to pass all examinations and assessments. The pass mark for all assessments is a 4 (from a scale of 0-6) with the exception of language units. Language assessments use the TELC examination and are graded externally with a separate system. Students are also required to attend and pass all units that are non-credited and graded with a Pass or Fail mark (e.g. the internships, KOPAS and two externally assessed Law classes).

Assessments include formal academic essays, reports, final examinations, practical examinations, oral examinations and a graded diploma thesis paper including an oral defence. To obtain the final award, students must pass all units. See IMI Diplom-HF Assessment Regulations link below for full details.


Swiss Degree in International Hospitality Management (dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice / Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF  -  hôtelière-restauratrice diplômée / hôtelièr-restaurateur diplômée ES  -  albergatrice-ristoratrice / albergatore-ristoratore dipl. SSS)

  • National Qualifications Framework for Vocational and Professional Qualifications: Level 6
  • European Qualifications Framework: Level 6
  • Tertiary-level qualification (professional education)

Holders of this qualification are able to run small to medium-sized enterprises within the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors. Based on their ability to take entrepreneurial and managerial responsibility for company activities, they are also suited for high-level executive positions in large national and international companies within the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

They know how to design and market appealing products and services and design processes and service chains on the basis of economic and environmental principles. In addition, they can efficiently handle administrative tasks, quality management, sustainable resource management and controlling.

In addition, award holders are highly customer-oriented and possess outstanding interpersonal skills. They are able to communicate in several languages with international guests whilst demonstrating an excellent awareness of cross-cultural issues.


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