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IMI Switzerland at Planted

Future Planning at Planted

Our culinary arts students had a fascinating visit to the Planted factory near Zurich to learn about the company's plant-based and sustainable meat substitute products...


Our culinary art
s students had a great time visiting the Planted factory near Zurich.

An innovative culinary start-up founded by three young Swiss students during their university days, Planted is now a multi-million pound enterprise employing over 300 people.

Their range of plant-based, meat substitutes are available widely throughout Switzerland and Europe with the company continuing to develop and expand year-on-year.

Priding themselves on their forward-thinking and sustainable ethos, Planted uses plant proteins to produce their "meat" products. By removing animals from the process, they reduce the amounts of CO2 involved by 97% and cut water usage by 81%.

IMI has always had a strong relationship with the firm which has facilitated regular visits by our young culinary students to their Zurich-based factory.

As well as giving a fantastic insight into the day-to-day operations of a food production company, the visit also provides inspiration for our future culinary stars as they hear the story of Planted's birth and development.


Our culinary arts students enjoy a visit to the Planted factory.

Accompanied by IMI's Senior Culinary Lecturer Jonas Grip, our latest batch of BA (Hons) culinary arts students enjoyed a fantastic day at the company's Lindau location just outside of Zurich.

During the visit, they were treated to a guided tour of the Planted factory with Culinary Developer Julian, followed by a short company presentation and Q&A session where they could get direct feedback on all their questions.

They also enjoyed a special cooking demonstration where Julian used Planted's pulled chicken product to produce some delicious taco snacks. (The tasting of which was a particular highlight of the day!)

"(Planted) is a great success story of three Swiss students growing a business from a small prototype in their school into a worldwide enterprise with over 300 employees... Fantastic inspiration for our culinary students."

Chef. Jonas Grip - IMI Senior Culinary Lecturer

This was an inspiring and enjoyable experience for our students and another example of how our school's strong industry connections (both in Switzerland and internationally) bring a real benefit to their study outcomes

A big thanks to Chef Jonas for organising this visit and to the whole Planted team - in particular Julian - for their generous time and hospitality.

We are already looking forward to visiting again soon with our next batch of culinary stars! 


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