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Manchester Met. 200 year anniversary

Happy Anniversary Manchester Met.

We are delighted to wish our UK partner Manchester Metropolitan University all the very best as they celebrate their 200th year anniversary...


The United Kingdom is well known for having some of the oldest, and most prestigious, universities in the world.

With two of the world's five oldest institutes for further education located in England, there is clearly a rich tradition of academic endeavour associated with the country.

As we entered the new year, there was particular cause for celebration for our UK degree-validating partner Manchester Metropolitan University as they celebrated their 200th anniversary.


The official 200 year anniversary video from Manchester Met.


"Since we formed in 1824, we’ve grown to become the future-facing, modern, global institution that we are today. We’re creative, confident, passionate and proud – just like the city we call home"

Professor Malcolm Press CBE - Vice-Chancellor of Manchester Met.


As part of their bicentennial celebrations, the university has placed great emphasis on the many societal and cultural changes they have helped support through their practically-focused courses.

In fields as diverse as health and the arts to a more modern emphasis on sustainability and the environment, Manchester Met. has always had a keen awareness of the importance of preparing its graduates to make a real impact on the world around them.

We are proud to have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with such a prestigious institution, one which allows students at IMI get all the benefits of a Swiss hospitality education underpinned by UK academic excellence.     



Manchester Met celebrates 200 years of academic excellence.


As well as our undergraduate BA (Hons) degrees in hospitality management, global business and international culinary arts, Manchester Met. also validates our MSc degree programme in hospitality and events management.

This partnership offers our students access to a vast array of academic materials and resources to support and enhance their study experience and, of course, the benefit of an internationally recognised UK degree award on graduation.

It is also our pleasure to welcome regular visits of Manchester Met. students to our lakeside campus here in Luzern, where they can interact with our students and share cross-cultural insights into developments within the hospitality industry.

Everyone at IMI would like to wish our friends in Manchester the warmest of congratulations on this outstanding landmark and we look forward to many more years of continued collaboration together!     


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